The 1-10DS Shot Blaster

A walk-behind shot blaster for surface preparation

These consumables, tools and spare parts are designed for the Blastrac 1-10DS shot blasting machine.

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Always use Blastrac genuine spares and consumables: they are especially designed for heavy duty professional use and are the guarantee to a longer life time for your equipment.

Accessories for the 1-10DS Shot Blaster

Name Description
B20536K Tune up kit
B20398 L/H liner
B20399 R/H liner
972275 Plenum side liner
490044 Plenum top liner
969572 Plenum bottom liner
969579 Liner screw
490047 Side magnet
970030 Front magnet
B20423 Side brush left
B20411 Side brush right
B20410 Front brush
679674 Skid seal
B20520 Control cable
E00852 Poly-V belt
478198 Quick release pin
E00762 Blast housing 1-10DS
492019 Suction hose Ø127 mm
E03187 Maintenance kit
999-0390 Abrasive S330
25 KG (minimum)
999-0390 Abrasive S390
25 KG (minimum)
99-0460 Abrasive S460
25 KG (minimum)
B20325 Top liner