The BMC-335EHY Shaver

To level or remove surfaces

Blastrac offers different sawing blades for each individual machine and application.

Blastrac sawing consumables are well known for their strong fabrication and long lifetime. Blastrac sawing consumables are specially designed for:


  • Removing of coatings, epoxies, glue residues, egaline, road markings and thermoplastics. 
  • Levelling of uneven concrete floors.
  • Removing of concrete, asphalt, stone or other hard materials.

Accessories for the BMC-335EHY Shaver

Name Description  
E12023 Sawing drum complete​ E12023
E06078 Grooving drum E06078
E12034 Diamond blade Ø250mm (for universal floors) E12034
E12034BL Diamond blade Ø250mm (for soft floors) E12034BL
E12034RD Diamond blade Ø250mm (for hard floors)