The BMP-215 E/B Scarifier

To level or remove surfaces

Blastrac offers a wide range of scarifying cutters for each individual machine and application.

Blastrac scarifying consumables are well known for their strong fabrication and long lifetime. Blastrac scarifying consumables are specially designed for:


  • Removing of coatings, epoxies, glue residues, egaline, road markings and thermoplastics. 
  • Levelling of uneven concrete floors.
  • Removing of concrete, asphalt, stone or other hard materials.

Accessories for the BMP-215 E/B Scarifier

Name Description  
Complete drums
MPD215L42SX Drum complete, with MPL42 cutters MPD215L42SX
MPD215L212S Drum complete, with MPL212 cutters MPD215L212S
Empty drums
MPD215-412 Drum with 4x12mm shafts MPD215-412
MPD215-510 Drum with 5x10mm shafts MPD215-510
Drum shafts
MPA215-10 Drum shaft Ø10mm

MPA215-12 Drum shaft Ø12mm

MPL42-1 Milling cutter 7pt. - Ø12xØ34x12
Complete set: 50 pcs

MPL212 Cutter 5pt. - Ø16xØ44x6 / 8.3 TC
Complete set: 84 pcs

Washer / Spacer rings
MPL19 Spacer ring for drum with MPL212
Complete set: 8 pcs
MPL20 Washer 13x24x1,5mm for drum with MPL212
Complete set: 108 pcs
MPL35 Spacer ring for drum with TC MPL42-1
Complete set: 16 pcs
MPL36 Spacer ring for drum with TC MPL42-1
Complete set: 131 pcs
Refill sets
MPL42S215SX Refill set with MPL42-1 MPL42S215SX
MPL212S215 Refill set with MPL212 MPL212S215