Coating Removal Project

Our BMP-4000 was used to remove an old coating from a parking deck

It is important to maintain public spaces that endure heavy loads from traffic all day long, such as bridges, roads and highways, but also parking decks. Our latest surface scarifier, the BMP-4000, was used to remove an old coating from a parking deck in Gorinchem, The Netherlands, in order to re-coat it again.


When re-coating a surface it is important that the old coating is removed properly. If not, the new coating will not adhere properly which will lead to more unnecessary maintenance costs in the near future.


On the parking deck in Gorinchem the BMP-4000 accurately removed a coating, with aggregate, up to 1.5 centimeters deep. Because of its weight, accurate sensors and manoeuvrability, the BMP-4000 ride-on surface scarifier was perfectly suited for this project. Below you will find a video of the BMP-4000 surface scarifier removing the coating at the parking deck. 


As always, feel free to contact us if you need advice regarding the use of our equipment or any potential surface preparation projects. We would be happy to help!