1-15DS shot blasting machine in Cameroon

1-15DS shot blasting machine in Cameroon

Mise en service grenailleuse Blastrac 1-15DS au Cameroun


On 14 November 2013 Cameroon President, Paul BIYA, announched the beginning of the construction of the second bridge over the Wouri Douala. It aims to ease the traffic and connect two sides of the city. It represents a jobsite of 760 meters, including a railway bridge and a highway. The inconvenience for the Douala population, transporters and other road users will end thanks to this bridge. This project should be finished in 2018.


The Vinci Construction group commissioned Blastrac machines to carry out the surface preparation of the bridge. The preparation of the deck (before applying sealing products) was carried out in just one pass with the 1-15DS Blastrac shot blaster. It was used both for the removal of line markings and the preparation of the surface. This powerful machine wa ideal for such a large area to be treated (20000m²). The 1-5DS shot blaster offers great maneuverability an precision. After training and commissioning by one of our technical experts, our customer could start the jobsite in the best conditions and remain sensitive to the environment. This policy was shared by the ordering institution (Blastrac machines do not use any valuable water or chemicals).


In addition, the jobsite has promoted the waste sorting process by using secatol skips (that's a French brand of skips), in different colors. The surface preparation jobsite will end this week, after two months of work.


Equipment details:

  • Shot blasting machine: 1-15DS
  • Dust Collector: BDC-854 with dust bin


Job site details

    • Starting date of the jobsite (training and commissioning) : 7 February 2017

    • Place: 2nd bridge over Wouri Douala, Cameroon

    • Area to be treated: 22,000m²

    • Average daily output: 800m² / day

    • Abrasive consumption: 71g / m²


Mise en service grenailleuse Blastrac 1-15DS au Cameroun