Diamag Diamond Tools

Diamond tools for floor grinding and polishing

The hardness of the materials used to construct walls and floors can vary considerably in hardness; concrete in particular can be extremely hard or very soft. 

A simple rule is that a hard surface needs a soft bond segment and a soft surface requires a hard bond segment to optimize the life of the diamond tool. A wide range of different surface finishes can be achieved by diamond grinding, using diamond particles of various sizes between an 18 grit and a 150 grit metal bound. 


A Simple Diamond Bond System

To make things easier, Diamag has developed a very simple three color system. For every different diamond product this color system is the same:

  • Blue: Suitable for soft floors
  • Green: Suitable for medium hard floors
  • Red: Suitable for hard floors


Image of Diamag grinding tool color system


When diamond grinding or cutting, it is essential to select the correct color and grade of bond which holds the diamond particles in suspension and forms the cutting segment. 


High quality diamond products are manufactured using 100% synthetic diamond particles. They have a high cutting ability and life span because of their regular and consistent size and crystal shape. Lower quality diamond products normally use natural diamonds where the grain size and shape are inconsistent which effects the performance and life span.


Adapter Plate System for Diamond Tools

Especially for planetary triple head grinders Diamag has designed a new and revolutionary quick release system. Diamag quick release system is especially designed to replace or remove diamond tools or resin dots from the adapter plates without using any tools, like hammers and screws. Because of the especially designed heat resistant magnets and fixation pins, the diamond tools are fixed onto the plate, but can still very easily be removed or replaced by hand.


Image of the Diamag grinding tool adapter plate system