Floor Strippers

To remove old floor coverings

Our floor stripping machines are ideally suited for renovation jobs. They are very efficient, silent and easy to manoeuvre. These Blastrac machines are able to remove most (old) floor coverings such as hardwood parquet, ceramics, linoleum, vinyl, carpet, wove floor, glue, and roofing materials.


The Benefits of Blastrac Floor Strippers

Environmentally friendly
There is no emission and they are extremely silent. This allows work to continue with other trades and personnel in the vicinity.

Efficient in the removal of floor coverings and adhesives
Including linoleum, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tiles, resins and bituminised coatings.

Easy to handle and manoeuvre
They simply pass through standard doors and move into lifts. For this reason they are ideal for renovation jobs on upper floors and limited access areas.


Blastrac offers a complete range of stripping machinery and tools for the removal of bonded & soft floor coverings. From the small but powerful walk behind stripper with a width of 305 mm to the heavy duty ride-on unit with a width of up to 690 mm, there is a Blastrac floor stripper to match every requirements.