A Heavy Duty Scarifier (Video)

A video to promote our latest addition to the scarifier range

Working width: 400 mm | The BMP-4000 is a new heavy duty ride-on sawing (shaving) and milling machine ideally suited for large milling and sawing applications, for example road construction and industrial flooring. Watch the full video below!




  • It's the only ride-on milling machine which can also be used as a sawing machine.
  • Possibility to remove up to 65 mm of concrete (depending on type of surface) in several passes.
  • Sawing pattern is very fine, because of the numerous blades on one drum.
  • Complete sealed drum housing for reducing substance.
  • By using more spacers and fewer blades the sawing pattern can be changed.
  • Combination machine, which is easy to change from sawing machine into milling machine and vice versa.
  • Comfortable to use, easy to move, low vibrations.
  • Several optional tools for each different application.
  • Fits through every door opening due to the unbelievably narrow width of only 840 mm!
  • Optional soot filter for diesel engine to work inside buildings.
  • Can work up to 30 mm from the edge.
  • Optional radio remote system on machines.
  • Electric control system for safe working.
  • Memorized drum adjustment system.
  • When the wheels fold in, the drive wheel automatically changes direction.