The horizontal Pre-Separator

horizontal Pre-Separator

The E12278 is equipped with a Big Bag, which is easy to mount. It is equipped with an Up & Down system for easy transport (low position for transport & high position for work).

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The horizontal pre-separator E12278 can triple the lifetime of the filters because it captures 80-90% of dust. It also prevents reduction in the suction performance of the dust collector. It can be used in between one of our machines and the BDC-66 & BDC-99 Blastrac dust collectors. It is specially designed for jobs with a lot of dust. It has little loss of airflow and doesn’t use power.




Easy to transport due to its Up & Down system. User friendly design, just connect the hose to the dust collector and you are ready to go.



Every Blastrac machine should be connected to a Blastrac industrial dust collector. This means that you are able to work dust free, creating a safe working environment.



Our dust collectors & pre-separators, like any other Blastrac machine, do not use any chemicals or waste valuable drinking water.



The E12278 horizontal pre-separator is specially designed for jobs with a lot of dust, such as asbestos removal & lead paint removal. It is an environmentally friendly unit that aims to improve safety of the operators.

Technical Specifications of the The horizontal Pre-Separator

Name Description
Dimensions L / W / H

Working position 1490mm | 1390mm | 1990mm

Transport position 990mm | 470mm | 1290mm

Weight 49.5 KG
Dust hose inlet Ø150mm
Dust bag capacity 67.5 liters | 145 liters | 150 liters | 280 liters | 580 liters

Options / Accessories for the The horizontal Pre-Separator

Name Description
Big Bag

E06311 - 67.5 liter - 50 x 50 x 27 cm

E04634 - 150 liter - 50 x 50 x 60 cm

E09418 - 145 liter - 65 x 65 x 35  cm

E06918 - 580 liter - 91 x 91 x 70 cm

E10533 - 280 liter - 75 x 75 x 50 cm