Magnetic Brooms

BBM600 | R600 | R900

Magnetic brooms are used to easily pick up metal particles such as steel shot, nails, screws and much more. They are ideal to collect spilled abrasive during the blast process.

Blastrac magnetic brooms are very easy to use and convenient to release the metal parts, by pulling the release lever. Its equipped with a powerful  permanent magnet, it requires zero maintenance and has a long lifetime.


• Specially designed to collect steel shot and any other metal particles (nails, screws…)

• User-friendly and easy to transport.

• Efficient scraping and drop-off after collection.

• No need for maintenance.

Magnetic Brooms

Name Description  

​Magnet width: 660 mm

Total width: 780 mm

Weight: 13.5 kg

Magnetic area: 1.254 cm2


Magnet width: 600 mm

Total Width: 740 mm

Weight: 36 kg

Magnetic area: 1.200 cm2


Magnet width: 900 mm

Total width: 1.040 mm

Weight: 46 kg

Magnetic area: 1.800 cm2