New Blastrac Maintenance Pads!

Blastrac created maintenance pads especially designed to maintain your polished concrete and asphalt floors.

The Diamag maintenance pads sold by Blastrac are especially designed for maintaining polished concrete & asphalt floors, or are to be used as the last step in the polishing process, for a fine result.


These pads are made out of special synthetic fibers mixed with horse hair on which the resin mixed with diamond particles is pressed onto.


The Diamag maintenance pads come in different sizes and several grit sizes. Pads of Ø100 and Ø125 mm are made for handheld grinders such as our Supraflex.


Pads from Ø155 to Ø240 mm are especially designed to be used in combination with our triple head grinders : BMG-435WD / BMG-435P / BMG-535PRO / BMG-580PRO / BMG-735PRO / BMG-735RS / BMG-780PRO / BMG-780RS.


Depending on the floor you want to maintain, or how far you are in the polishing process, you need a different grit size. You will get more information here.


Ask Blastrac for advice to get the best result!


Blastrac maintenance pads for floor grinders