New Diamag 2.0 Adapter Plates

Blastrac recently developed a new range of adapter plates

The Diamag 2.0 Adapter Plates are used to easily mount grinding tools on your planetary floor grinder.  Due to their special shape and heat resistant magnets, diamond wings fit directly into the wing shape and are held by magnets instead of pins. This makes them stronger and lasts longer, the tools are therefore easier & quicker to replace. 


They are available in 3 different sizes:

  • Ø155mm - for BMG-435WD, BMG-435SC & BMG-435P
  • Ø185mm - for BMG-535PRO, BMG-555 & BMG-580PRO
  • Ø240mm - for BMG-735PRO, BMG-735RS, BMG-780PRO & BMG-780RS

New Diamag 2.0 Adapter Plates

These new Diamag 2.0 Adapter Plates have a number of major benefits:

  • Time saving and user-friendly system
  • No possibility of disconnection of the wing during heavy duty operation or transportation
  • All Diamag diamond wings fit on these adapter plates
  • Adapter plates fit on all Blastrac 3-headed planetary grinders