New Industrial Dust Collectors

Strong dust collectors for a dust free working environment

Our slogan ‘the innovators in surface preparation’ is not just our slogan because it sounds impressive; it is our vision. We always strive to develop new products and techniques based on the feedback from our customers. Blastrac not only develops its own products and techniques, it manufactures them in different factories across Europe. As a result of the strong relationship we have established over the years with our suppliers, we are able to offer a full range of superior quality equipment to all our customers. Because of this we were able to develop a whole new range of dust collectors.


Blastrac's New Industrial Dust Collectors 

Blastrac proudly presents the following new dust collectors:


The BDC-44 – 4 High quality cartridge filter
The BDC-66 – 6 High quality cartridge filter
The BDC-99 – 9 High quality cartridge filter


Image of the new Blastrac dust collectors for a dust free working environment


There are a number of elements all of these dust collectors have in common:


  • They are a heavy duty dust collection systems that combine power, efficiency, safety, and productivity all into one durable machine. 
  • They are very manoeuvrable and easy to transport.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • They can all have an optional HEPA-filter.
  • They are easily connected with other Blastrac machines.


But of course each one of these new dust collectors is unique. Depending on the jobsite, the amount of time there is to complete a project and which other Blastrac machines is being used, there is always a dust collector that suits the job. 


Feel free to contact us for advice, we will be happy to help you!