New Sawing and Milling Machine

A new heavy duty ride-on sawing (shaving) and pavement milling machine

The Blastrac BMP-4000 is a new heavy duty ride-on sawing (shaving) and pavement milling machine ideally suited for large milling and sawing applications, for example road construction and industrial flooring. The BMP-4000 is a multifunctional machine. By changing the hydraulic motor you can easily swap the milling and the sawing technology. It has a double, hydraulic micrometric adjustment to set the working depth, to work very precisely and eliminate the risk of underground deterioration. Due to its increased weight it allows you to generate more efficient and precise sawing and milling actions.


The Blastrac BMP-4000 is the right type of equipment for cutting, removing and sawing concrete, asphalt and natural stone surface to a depth of up to 60 mm with sawing and 65 mm with milling.


For the milling technology the BMP-4000 uses a unique concept. The complete milling drum is made out of one piece of specially selected steel. In combination with 60 professional heavy duty milling picks, this milling drum is more heavy duty compared with the traditional milling drums. Due to the special design, the milling picks are easily changeable and therefore very time and cost effective.


To change the milling settings into the correct sawing it only takes you 60 minutes. Due to the fact that you’re able to place 78 blades on one drum the sawing pattern is very fine. By using more spacers and fewer blades the sawing pattern can be changed. The drum housing is completely sealed in order to reduce the substance created and with a 5” dust hose connection, the machine is able to work almost dust free.


Main assets of the BMP-4000 Scarifier

  • It’s the only ride-on milling machine which can also be used as a sawing machine.
  • Possibility to remove up to 65 mm of concrete (depending on type of surface) in several passes.
  • Sawing pattern is very fine, because of the numerous blades on one drum.
  • Complete sealed drum housing for reducing substance.
  • By using more spacers and fewer blades the sawing pattern can be changed.
  • Combination machine, which is easy to change from sawing machine into milling machine and vice versa.
  • Comfortable to use, easy to move, low vibrations.
  • Several optional tools for each different application.
  • Fits through every door opening due to the unbelievably narrow width of only 84 mm!
  • Optional soot filter for diesel engine to work inside buildings.
  • Can work up to 30 mm from the edge.
  • Optional radio remote system on machines.
  • Electric control system for safe working.
  • Memorized drum adjustment system.
  • When the wheels fold in, the drive wheel automatically changes direction.


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