Our BMC-335EHY Used for Concrete Grooving on a Farm

A successful jobsite of concrete grooving on a farm

Blastrac recently carried out a project on  a farm, using its BMC-335EHY sawing machine, in combination with a BDC-3140LP dust collector. The objective was to create different groove patterns into the floor in order to make it anti-slip. This protects the cattle from falling down and breaking their bones on a slippery surface, which results in extra costs for the farmers.


Two different types of grooving were achieved, at  the  customer’s request. Depending on the configuration of the sawing drum (numbers of blades & spacers), the BMC-335EHY shaver can adapt to any requirement. You can see below some pictures of the two different types of grooving with the corresponding drum configuration.


Grooving Type 1



Grooving Type 2



The Blastrac BMC-335EHY is a heavy duty shaver ideally suited for large applications. It's able to remove 3 mms of concrete at a  time (depending on the type of concrete).