Personalized Training

Get the most out of our equipment!

Blastrac offers more than just machines accessories and spare parts; we also offer personalized training, during which we show you how to get the most out of our equipment. Based on the projects you will be working on in the future, we develop personalized training. From basic topics such as how to move a machine to what accessories to use, everything is discussed. 


Image of a training with a Blastrac scarifier


Blastrac Trainings & Demonstrations

We can deliver training on a more detailed level depending on your needs. A few examples of subjects that can be discussed during training from Blastrac are: 


  • How to steel blast a storage tank according to the most recent health & safety regulations 
  • How to decontaminate a building the correct way
  • What steps to take in order to polish a concrete floor
  • How to level an uneven concrete floor the quickest way
  • How to replace the spare parts of a shot blasting machine, such as the tune-up kit
  • What the challenges for nuclear decommissioning in the future are
  • How to remove difficult coatings, such as epoxy, from any surface
  • Why a combination of multiple machines is more effective and efficient than using only one
  • Cost effective solutions for runway and highway maintenance
  • How to prepare and maintain the floor of a large industrial hall in the most efficient way possible
  • Solutions for companies renting out Blastrac equipment


Of course we do not only discuss these subjects, we will demonstrate our machines too! The discussed surface preparation equipment will be on hand so that you can put everything you learned directly into practice. 


Personalized training from Blastrac can be held at one of the Blastrac sales & service centres in Europe, Australia and the Middle East – at one of your preference. During training there will always be a Blastrac employee that speaks your native language.