Place Charlie in St Just Le Martel




Recently SMAC carried out a new square in tribute to the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists that were killed during the terrorist attack in Paris on 7th of January 2015, near to Limoges (France).

This square is  3000 m2 and  made of asphalt, including 800 m2 of ground asphalt. The asphalt mixture is composed of Limoges porcelain (famous French porcelain) that gives a light & aesthetic finish. It  is divided into two: a pedestrian path made of ground asphalt and a driving path made of shot blasted asphalt. The pedestrian part was carried out with a Blastrac BMG-580PRO triple disc grinder and the driving path  with a Blastrac shot blaster 2-20DT. These 2 different techniques create a clear distinction between the 2 areas (colour / appearance / texture).

This square was inaugurated on  13th of May 2017 and is named « La Place Charlie », in tribute to the terrible event that took place the 7th of January 2015 in Paris.

Equipment Details :

  • Shot blasting machine : 2-20DT

  • Triple Disc Grinding machine : BMG-580PRO

Jobsite Details :

  • Main square of the town

  • Area : 3000m²

  • Daily output : 80 à 100m²