Road Retexturing By Shot Blasting!

Blastrac recently carried out the commissioning of our truck mounted shot blasting system for road retexturing!

Road surface conditions generally and skid resistance in particular are now in the forefront of all highway authority engineers and highway maintenance contractors. The original characteristics of the roads, such as the skid resistance, inevitably decrease because of the traffic and the ageing roads. The traffic levels, the speed, the weather conditions, the properties of the aggregates… also participate in reducing the skid resistance of the roads.


That’s why roads & highways must be maintained in order to keep an appropriate grip level because there is a heightened international interest in the relationship between skid resistance and accident levels and a commitment to reduce all road accidents, especially fatalities.


Shot blasting is a purely mechanical technique that immediately regenerates both micro (space between the aggregates particles: allows to increase the skid resistance of the surface) & macro textures (average depth of the spaces between the aggregate particles: allows the water to drain away from the surface and greatly contributes to skid resistance in wet conditions). In partnership with one of our valuable customers, Blastrac carried out a road retexturing jobsite on a highway with our 2-45DTM truck mounted system. The results were really convincing for highway authorities. It was measured that the skid resistance improved. There was no steel shot left on the surface and the road was directly usable after the job.


By shot blasting roads, it’s possible to get the original skid resistance level (if it’s not better) of the surface. It avoids having slippery roads during hard weather conditions and increases the safety of the drivers.


Blastrac road retexturing by shot blasting


Our 2-45DTM is the best possible and most cost effective and efficient solution to regenerate the macro and micro texture of road surfaces. Because of its high performance and reliability It Is possible to treat a surface of up to 2000 m2 per hour on roads and runways.


Blastrac is proud to announce that our customer purchased this equipment that offers him many market opportunities.