Roads & Highways

Equipment to prepare and maintain surfaces on roads and highways

Blastrac surface preparation equipment is often used for road aesthetics, road maintenance and safety improvement. Our shot blasters, scarifiers and even floor grinders can be used to improve skid resistance and to remove rubber and pavement markings on roads and highways.


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Road Aesthetics

The use of colours and natural finishes is now without doubt an extremely important element in the modern construction and landscaping of roads and highways. Blastrac shot blasters can be used on concrete and asphalt roads and highways to remove the surface binder to allow the natural properties, specificities or colours of the aggregates to appear.  


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Road Maintenance

Roads, highways, bridges, parking garages, bycicle paths and other public spaces endure alot of traffic all day long. To ensure a long lifetime of these surfaces it is important to maintain them on a regular bases. Blastrac technologies are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to remove pavement markings, rubber skid marks and other contaminants without damaging the supporting structure of the road. They can also be used for retexturing to improve skid resistance or for pavement milling. 


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Image of scarifier removing line markings on road