The BMG-2200 Floor Grinder

Ride on floor grinder for large surfaces

The Blastrac BMG–2200 is a large scale ride-on floor grinding machine, designed for large horizontal surfaces.

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The Blastrac BMG–2200 is a large scale ride-on floor grinding machine, designed for large horizontal surfaces. With two drive wheels fitted to the front and a swivel castor to the back, this makes the machine very manoeuvrable both on and off jobsites.


This machine is both effective and ergonomic to operate. The operator sits on a comfortable seat with arm rests on both sides, along with joysticks, push buttons and a touch screen.


The three powerful BMG-780PRO grinding heads produces maximum coverage and effective distribution of grinding pressure on each individual head. This means each grinding head can be operated individually. The machine comes as standard with variable grinding speed, rotation direction, and an independent suspension system. The BMG-2200 also has variable grinding pressure which makes it perfectly suitable for every jobsite. It is designed with an integrated powerful dust collecting system with HEPA 14 filters, which makes the BMG-2200 virtually dust free according to OSHA regulations. This heavy duty dust collection system is equipped with an automatic pulse filter cleaning system, Longopac system and is provided as standard with a pre-separator.



Easy to operate due to joysticks for driving forward and backwards with cruise control option, a joystick for steering with 360° turn button and push buttons for the most common functions. The touchscreen provides all the feedback signals like the amperage of the grinding head, drivespeed and grinding pressure.



The integrated dust collector system is equipped with a HEPA 14 filter system to comply with the OSHA regulations. Due to the standard preseparator, up to 95% of the dust can be captured before it is gets to the filters, which increases the lifetime of the filters. The vacuum and flow arechangeable due to three different blower settings so the dust collector can be set for the right type of job.



The lifting and lowering of the grinding heads on the BMG-2200 is done by an innovative pneumatic system. As a result, all heads are able to have more or less grinding pressure. There is an air hose connection on the air tank for the external compressor to lift the heads when there is no power supply. (Only with battery package)



The BMG-2200 is equipped as standard with a maintenance/ emergency power supply in case there is no 125A power supply available. When connecting 3 phase power supply with at least 16A, all functions will work,except the grinding heads and dust collector system. This allows you to drivethe machine and lift or lower the heads.

Technical Specifications of the BMG-2200 Floor Grinder

Name Description
Working width Ø2.200 mm (9 X Ø240 mm)
Motor Total power: 62 KW | 3X 400V | 50 HZ | 125A
Grinding Heads: 3 X 15 KW
Dust Collector: 1 X 13 KW
Maintenance: 3 X 400V | 50 HZ 16A
Working speed 400 – 1200 rpm
Working direction Ride on | 0 - 24 M/MIN
Application Concrete | marble | stone | asphalt | Granite | Terazzo
Dimensions L / W / H 3.450 MM | 2.250 MM | 1.990 MM
Weight 3.035 KG incl. grinding heads
Grinding weight: 2.075 KG
(Weight of machine when grinding heads are on the surface
Filter High quality filters | Automatic pulse cleaning | HEPA 14 filter
Bag capacity Endless bagging system

Options / Accessories for the BMG-2200 Floor Grinder

Name Description
DIAMAG adapter plate E07240-2
Blue grinding wings BG707321 – #18/20
BG707322 – #30/40
Green grinding wings BG707311 – #18/20
BG707312 – #30/40
BG707313 – #60/80
BG707314 – #120/150
Red grinding wings

​BG707301 - #18/20

​BG707302 - #30/40

​BG707303 - #60/80

​BG707304 - #120/150

Black grinding wings BG707341-2 - #30/40
DIAMAG adapter plate wings PCD E10692
PCD grinding wings BG200995-1/SET – 1 x 1 PCD grinding wing
BG200997-1/SET – PCD split grinding wing
Rotary plate only


Plate with bush hammer rollers


Bush hammer roller E09119-2H
Velcro plate

For polishing pads - E09368/FINE

For maintenance pads - E09368/COARSE

Polishing pads

BG240001 - #40

BG240002 - #100

BG240003 - #200

BG240004 - #400

BG240005 - #800

BG240006 - #1500

BG240007 - #3000

Maintenance pads

BG240M004 - #400

BG240M005 - #800

BG240M006 - #1500

BG240M007 - #3000

4 Pack Longopac sleeve (4 x 20 m) BLS-1085
Remote control system E12759
Battery package E12599
Camera system E10693/BMG-2200
Water kit BMG-2200 E12765