Vertical Winch System 900VMB

This winch system is easily mounted on both sides of the machine.

The winch system of the 900VMB is completely different from the one of the 350VH. For one thing, the 900VMB does not require the winch to be mounted on top of the rigging system.

Winch system of the 900VMB steel blaster


Instead, the winch system is easily mounted on both sides of the machine. Steel cables are attached to the rigging system and run through the winch system on the machine.


The Advantages

  • There is no need to mount a winch system on the rigging system. Therefore the riggingis relatively lighter which allows it to move around with a travelling speed of 0,5 meter per minute.
  • Because the machine winches are feeding the cable through the winches, there is no need to use a drum for the steel cables to move over. Therefore you are not limited by the length of the steel cable. Thanks to this 'endless winch system', the height of the tank, or any other vertical surface you want to clean blast, is not an issue anymore.
  • Because the winch system is mounted on the machine itself, the operator is able to control both the winch system and the steel blaster on one wireless remote.