Vertical Winch Systems 350VH

Avoid the use of other lifting equipment such as cranes

The use of the Blastrac hydraulic winch system gives the operator the advantage of being able to control the machine very comfortably from a mobile control station.

vertical winch system 350vh steel blaster on storage tank


The 350VH is designed to be suspended and work in an up or down direction to clean and profile vertical steel surfaces up to SAE 2.5. (according the standard ISO-8501-1)


The Advantages

  • The operator controls the system through a remote control panel.
  • Controls give at all times precise movement of the blast machine.
  • Controls can adapt the required feed speed during the blast process.
  • Controls can be used to make adjustments to the machine to produce the desired Blasting pattern SA 2.5


The Optional Winch

  • Is designed to control the travelling speed up or down movements while blasting.
  • Ensures an optimal and continuous blast pattern during the whole job.
  • Avoids the continuous use of other lifting devices during the blast cleaning process, and therefore allows the Contractor or their Client to be in control of the jobsite planning.
  • Is made of high grade components and including all the necessary certifications.

Vertical Winch Systems 350VH

Name Description
Travelling speed 0.1 - 20 m/min
Remote control Controlled by mobile control panel system
Weight 400kg
L x W x H
453 x 1528 x 1067mm
Reference RIG-4012-H